New Website

The T.O.P. Seasonal Climate Forecast Course Package, published on this website, moved to a new platform. The course package is now hosted in the WMO-RTC Italy Moodle platform.


Why we changed platform?

In the last years, WMO RTC Italy, managed by CNR-IBE, developed several successful training initiatives to disseminate and share climate knowledge. 

In this framework, we decided to re-organise all training materials and courses in two Moodle deployments – TOPACS and RTC Italy – to facilitate the access and the use of these resources. 

This is the reason why we moved T.O.P. course package to WMO RTC Italy website.

How to access


You already have an account

If you already have an account on this website, it has been moved to the new platform. You should also receive an email with the link and the credentials to access the new platform and enrol on the course. If you do not receive the email, look into your spam folder or follow the link below. In the new platform, you can retrieve your password with the same email you used for this website or create a new account.


You have not an account

If you do have not an account on this website, click the link below to access the new platform, where you will be able to create a new account and self-enrol the T.O.P. course package.