Climate Services Training

CNR-IBE Initiative to disseminate and share climate knowledge


The Climate Services  Institute for BioEconomy (ex Ibimet) of the National research Council of Italy – CNR IBE – Training Initiative is part of the IBE Climate Services Project.

This website is focused on training and knowledge sharing; it includes a set of online resources specifically aimed at disseminating climate knowledge, expertise and operational principles. The online resources here collected are the dedicated Training Section of the website.

This website is rooted in the acknowledged experience of IBE on Climate Discipline and Applications. The face-to-face training initiatives carried out by the Institute in the last years allowed to collect scientific materials by the most accredited experts in the field. This IBE Training Web Section is conceived as a set of online resources for training purposes and built upon an e-Learning infrastructure. The resources are freely accessible through signup to enroll each course and download specific materials.

Other Training Resources


An open and permanent training initiative, developed on the Moodle platform, integrated with badge (Open Badge). A set of courses on climate and agrometeorology.

WMO RTC Moodle

The Moodle deployment dedicated to the online training courses, developed by CNR-IBE in the framework of WMO RTC Italy activities and programmes.