Training Course

Agromet – Advanced Agrometeorology – it is a capacity-building training course whose aim is to transfer the know-how on agrometeorological analysis.

The 12 weeks training took place in Italy at CNR-IBE in Sesto Fiorentino (Florence) and coordinated by Dr Maurizio Bacci. 

Who is it for?

The goal was to improve the technical capacity of Angola and Mozambique to provide agro-climatic information and services for rainfed agriculture.

The project, financed by FAO, was organized by the World Meteorological Organization Regional Training Center in Italy, operated by the Institute for the BioEconomy (former Institute of Biometeorology) of the National Research Council.

The Participants

The participants of the training course come from Angola and Mozambique and work at the national level in the field of meteorology, agro-meteorology, climate, and agricultural engineering.

Boost Cooperation

This training should also boost cooperation at the national and regional level in sensitive areas, and promote exchanges and collaboration. The strengthening of a network of technical institutions could encourage to share methodologies and harmonize information bases.