ANADIA2.0: Campaign 2019

The National Directorate of Meteorology (DMN) of Niger, as part of the ANADIA2.0 project, organized the Launching Workshop of the 2019 Agrometeorological Campaign for the pilot Municipalities of the Tillabery and Dosso Regions.

At the workshop took part the mayor, the agent of Agriculture and that of the breeding, as well as the representative of the community radio of the communes of Tessa, Kieché, Tounouga, Guéchémé and Falmey (Region of Dosso) and of Ourogueladjo, Gotheye and Namaro (Tillabery Region).

The workshop aims to launch agro-meteorological assistance activities for farmers in these project target municipalities, in order to strengthen resilience to climate change and to drought and flooding risks.

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