8 students

The purpose of this fourth module is to build capacities for the application of climate seasonal forecasts for water and crop management, with a special focus on the Mediterranean crop production systems.

Climatic variability and related risks are affecting crop production with impacts rising particularly for smallholders farming systems. Precipitation and temperature anomalies knowledge could be useful for technical services and organizations on managing water resources, crop calendars and varieties to be used. But agriculture is just one of the many sectors demanding an improvement in water management, being in competition with other economic activities where water uses ensure greater economic value such as energy, tourism, industry. At the same time, methods and scientific results are still underexploited and not easily accessible and comprehensible for potential users.

According with the Global Framework for Climate Services, the module addresses the need to develop mechanisms for delivery of climate services for the agricultural community, water managers and users and for enabling risk mitigation strategies at various levels and identifying research and transfer demand by end users.

Through the course, participants will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge on current approaches to use and apply seasonal forecast products on the Mediterranean Region, with particular emphasis on:

  • Diagnosis of the requirements for water management applications of seasonal forecasts
  • Operational Seasonal forecast use in crop and irrigation management
  • Operational application of Seasonal Forecasts to water management in different sectors and at different scales.
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